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Intercultural Training Tajikistan

Weltkugel2Inhouse Intercultural Training Tajikistan

During collaboration with colleagues and business partners from Tajikistan, employees are often confronted with seemingly irresolvable problems. In most cases, cooperation does not suffer on account of deficiencies in effort or expertise, but due to a lack of cross-cultural competency.

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Weltkugel2Open Intercultural Training Tajikistan


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Weltkugel2Specific Training Tajikistan

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Contact us – Intercultural Training Tajikistan
The material learnt has been retained and proven useful over a long period of time.
Moreover, it was a highly enjoyable workshop and we were able to talk about out own cultures in a light-hearted manner.
Martina Oberwelland, Human Resources Manager
Microsoft CEE Headquarter, Munich / Germany
During our recent training, we gained an understanding of how huge differences in mentality between Russia and Germany truly are. This awareness will help us to cooperate with our plant in Kaluga.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Siegfried Fiebig, General Manager Plant Wolfsburg
Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg
Clear communication, good examples, practical approach.

Andreas Schulte, Managing Director
Sulzer Pumps Middle East
The Global Cultures workshop made it possible for our team to focus on the job at hand. Going forward, the workshop will be required preparation for anyone coming to work with friends here in Russia.
Bill Mooney, Vice President Operations
DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition, Wilmington, DE, USA